Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I wondered how long it would take the Tech Nazis to figure it out. I got by with almost 2 1/2 months before they caught me...but now I have been busted. Yes, the henchmen at computer services have found me out...well not me exactly. They don't know it was ME.

They just know that someone has been accessing a site on the school server with an Internet address that is not in accordance with the district policy of acceptable usage and guess what they did...THEY BLOCKED IT! Those bastard's blocked my blog and now I can't get to it during the day...not even on my lunch hour!

They blocked everything with a address. So not only can I not access my blog, I can't get to any of you either! I am so bummed I can barely stand it. However, they failed to do one thing...they only blocked the address. They did not block anything with so I can get to dashboard to post etc. I just can't look at the finished product.

So I am not completely out of the game yet. I may be late commenting on your posts...or reading what is going on around the world...but at least I still have some access. And once the Nazis find out about that...and I am sure they will...I will go to dial up. May be slow but I don't think they can block the phone line.

I will not be stopped!

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